Alex Bocchi e Alberto Pozzoli

Creativity, elegance and research combined with the most tangible practical sense are ingredients of the philosophy of the designers Alex Bocchi, engineer-architect, and Alberto Pozzoli, architect.
Italians, with important experiences abroad, including China, Japan, Australia and Spain, they divide their working activity between architectural design and interior design, up to the product design and the art direction.

In their daily professional activities, they help accompany customers and companies to materialize their ideas, giving vent to creativity without forgetting the importance of the functionality of the projects.
They participate in various exhibitions, including the Salone del Mobile and win several international awards such as the IDA (International Design Award) or the BIGSEE.
With the idea of exporting Italian talent and skills abroad, more precisely to China, they collaborate assiduously and continuously in the Shanghai studio named Shan Design.

Bruno Rainaldi

Bruno Rainaldi was formed on the field, starting at a young age to work with interior design comunication. 
With irony he described himself as a “street designer” and his style as “chaotically rigorous”. In Milan he directs the first High-tech at Corso di Porta Ticinese. He supports Maddalena De Padova in the storic showroom of corso Venezia, later Enrico Baleri as partner of Baleri & Associati, with communication strategies for companies and designstores. 
Founds Studio Rari - in which he is the soul and the creative director - and beguins his first collaborations as creative director/designer with several italian design companies as Alivar, MDF, Mussi Italy, Sintesi. Then Terzani, Slamp, Casprini, Annibale Colombo, Bilumen, Davide Medri e Dilmos. Until the recent project Opinion Ciatti, born from the important artistic- and business-partnership with Lapo Ciatti. In the mid-eighties, Bruno Rainaldi meets Flavia Ciatti. From their friendship/comparison the idea of a new company comes to life - CCR - aimed at developing furniture and accessories for the home, not only for the kitchen. The brand CCR gives birth to important pieces of industrial design. In 2006, Lapo Ciatti, who represents the third generation, enters in the company with the family’s entrepreneurial instinct and with training in industrial design. New comparisons and new opinions. Opinion Ciatti is born of which Bruno Rainaldi is president, partner and artistic director. 
With a deep market knowledge, a great passion for arts and a precios talent for transverse associations matured over the years, Bruno Rainaldi alloy definitly his professionality in the design world. In 2002, together with Marta Giardini, he opens Entratalibera, a very special space in Milan where he exposes his own works and a selection of objects. A “laboratory of shapes”, open towards research and experimentation. 
Bruno Rainaldi designed bookshelves, tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs, beds, accessories and lighning. A universe of intense and iconic objects without consistency in style, rather the real sense of industrial design: to produce the right object for the right use. What holdes them together it is the essentiality of the design, the freedom of use, the compositional versatility.

Carlo Bimbi

Born in Volterra in 1944, he lives and works in Florence.
His early works dates back to the end of the Sixties with industrial design related activities (taps, automobiles, tools, etc.).
During the Seventies and later on, he concentrated his work on furniture and objects design, with the creation of some product that have been in production for a long time.
With the intent not to be fascinated by fashion, he works concentrating his creativity on searching for logic and rational solutions.
Obtained a Diploma at the Advanced Institute for Industrial Arts in Florence in 1968, he has been teaching at the Institute of Art and at the I.S.I.A. in Florence. Now he is teacher of Industrial Design at the University of Florence.
In 1968–1969 he collaborated with Studio Nizzoli Associati in Milan.
Since 1970 to 1983 he estabilished Studio Internotredici Associati with Gianni Ferrara and Nilo Gioacchini. He works as a freelancer since 1985.

Carlo Sironi

Carlo Sironi developed his professional activity on different project lines:

- interior design
- showroom image
- art direction
- furniture projects
He is working with several companies in the furniture business, also as art director taking care of the communication, showroom and stand.
From 2007  he works together with Arch. Carlo Bimbi on the project of the collection "Contemporary Design Collection" for Annibale Colombo ..

Giovanna Azzarello

Giovanna Azzarello graduated at the age of 23 in architecture at the Politecnico di Milano.

She also specializes in Graphic Design, Visual Design and Photography. Hers activity match with almost all the manifestations of creativity. In hers studio in Milan she deals of building design private, commercial and public and also industrial designer. in the field of the building she has created several, in Italy and abroad; in the field of design there are many products designed for the best-known companies. Important was the commitment demonstrated by the architect in the design for extended use, for a redevelopment of the same, using advanced technology both structural and aesthetic that consider home security and the user who may also be a disabled. There are numerous COMPANIES WITH WHICH THE ARCHITECT WORK; for some of them companies she was also the artistic director, taking care of the company's image.
In addition to design hers largest commitment is directed to the public, private and commercial architecture.
For the municipality of Milan she has developed works of great prestige, as schools, recreation centers, and the interior renovation of the Teatro Piccolo great symbol of Milan. Hers professional commitment treats all design sectors in both design and construction where, thanks to hers versatility, has been able to express and demonstrate hers professional maturity and creativity.
The architect both in design and in construction expresses and demonstrates hers professionalism in an excellent way, demonstrating professional maturity aimed at various project areas, which she dealt with the same enthusiasm and determination .

Giuseppe Manzoni

Born in Oggiono in the province of Lecco (Italy) in 1952, after graduating from high school, he studied at the Polytechnic School of Design in Milan, where he was a pupil of Bruno Munari, Alberto Rosselli, Isao Hosoe and other great masters of Italian design. In 1976 he was Industrial Designer. He collaborates with various design studios including Studio Ramstein and Studio De Vries.

In the 1980s he founded his own studio and dedicated himself to industrial design and interior design, also taking care of important restructuring and architectural interventions.

Member of ADI (Italian Industrial Design Association), he designs for important companies in the furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories sector, and for some Brands he also takes care of the overall image and the Art Direction.

He also designs residential interiors, showrooms, restaurants, offices and hotels in Italy and beyond. His achievements include private residences in Italy and abroad including London, Lugano, Côte d'Azur, Montecarlo, Formentera, St Moritz.

The main feature with regards to industrial design and interior design is that of transmitting in all projects, whether private, public or work environments, a strong part of personalization marked by a contemporary glamor but without neglecting the functionality that is required.

Ivano Colombo

Ivano Maria Colombo was born in Monza on May 14th 1973.

He achieved the diploma of artistic high school, frequenting courses of specialization in painting and sculpture, with a great passion for the art in all its forms; subsequently he frequented the Faculty of Architecture, with great attention for the architectural detail and the relationship among built and landscape, new and old built.

After the architectural studies he started to work in the family company “Annibale Colombo Srl”, that from over two generations is considered leader in the production of classical furniture.

Working in the company he had the opportunity to develop his interests for the new but also for the traditional materials, in relationship to the handicraft and industrial techniques of production.

Thanks to his teachers (the Cabinetmakers in the company), he was able to experiment his manual capacity to manufacture an object with passion, and to developed the love for the unique pieces that brings inside the merits and defects of the person that created them.

Thanks to this direct experience, he started to design new models (for the standard production but also for custom made production), and contemporarily he widened his formative run with the planning of Residences, Villas, Hotels and Boats all over the world, taking care of all the aspects, aesthetical and logistic, giving a personalized and complete service to the clients.

Especially regarding the interior design, he takes particular attention to the proportions of the furniture, to the equilibrium and the contrast of the styles, to the choice of the woods and of the finishes, besides the great care for the selection of the fabrics and the suppliers, to end with the love for all the kind of accessories.

The starting point is the passion for his country, Italy, where in every place a foreshortening of history and art can be met; this fortune has contributed to develop the sensibility of the planner and to grow the responsibility for a fantastic job that has the duty to leave not only objects of economic value, but also artistic and cultural, with one definition only: " The collection Annibale Colombo”

Luciano Colombo

During the Architecture studies at Politecnico in Milan, he collaborated with his father Annibale in the historical family company.

In 1971 he founded with the father actual company Annibale Colombo, which he is now leading with his son Ivano.

His artistic studies and his personal attitude towards experimentation lead him to apply the antique and precious techniques of wood working to collections in continuous development, which meet and anticipate market requests.

His research desire is always alive, both in the use of material and of traditional working techniques and in the use of forefront machines, so as to offer continuously high quality products.

Besides his leading role in the company, he is particularly active in the promotional area of exhibitions and events: he is one of the founders of fair Abitare il Tempo in Verona, coordinator of Gruppo 42 since its foundation, and since 2012 he is member of the Governing Board of FLA Eventi. Among the last activities in this scope, it is worth mentioning the conception and promotion of project “Before Design: Classic”, an exhibition-event by Ciarmoli Queda Studio and presented during Salone del Mobile.Milano 2016.

Simone Ciarmoli e Miguel Queda

A vision shaped by passion for art and total creativity, honed over the years working side by side with major players of fashion and luxury industries, notably Prada and Giorgio Armani. A significant background, hence the balance between elegance and emotional impact that became the distinctive feature of all the projects designed by the studio.

The firm designed and developed many innovative projects, ranging over different areas and moving between interior, product, textile and exhibition design, developing ideas and innovative concepts and working with major Italian and foreign companies.

Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda also worked on the art direction of different projects and launched evocative and engaging events. Among these, the “Before Design: Classic” exhibition for the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2016 and “DeLightFul” for the 2017 edition: two exceptional installations shaping a new original vision of design, from classic to contemporary, completed by two short-films d’auteur, integral part of their concepts, curated by Ciarmoli and Queda and directed by Matteo Garrone.

Stefano Boeri Architetti

Stefano Boeri Architetti, Boeri Studio until 2008, based in Milan with offices in Shanghai and Tirana, is dedicated since 1993 to the research and practice of architecture and urbanism. More than 20 years of research and practical experience allowed the studio to develop a know-how of sustainable development of the projects at different scales, from social housing units to strategic urban development of the entire cities and regions.

The studio carries on projects and regeneration strategies in complex environments, outlining and supporting synergies between the various stakeholders, public and private entities. In the design process Stefano Boeri Architetti collaborates with a wide network of professionals, from engineering consultants and landscape architects, to social sciences specialists, which allows to provide bespoke solutions over a wide range of territorial and socio-economical contexts.

The studio has received several International awards confirming the recognition of its activity by the architectural community worldwide. The Vertical Forest was chosen The Best Tall Building in the world by CTBUH (Chicago) and received the Best High-rise Award by DAM (Frankfurt).

Tomaso Schiaffino

Tomaso Schiaffino lives and works as a designer in Milan. After studying mechanical engineering and having graduated at IED (European Institute of Design) he started working at Studio Dordoni and then established an "historical" cooperation with Denis Santachiara at Studio Santachiara where he developed a lot of project activities in the design field, interior and exhibit, during a period of more than 10 years for major companies in the industry, corporations, museums and government agencies.

Since some years he has undertaken a personal project design and is also the founder and creative director of the Bellaria design brand.

Along with his studies he has always been active in teaching at the University of Venice, IED, Polytechnic School of Design and currently the Polytechnic of Milan (Master of Interior Design).


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